The Answer

Vehicles up to 11 years old with up to 135,000 miles.

$79.99 per month customer pay!

$29.99 inspection in first 30 days eliminates program limits

One year pre-paid maintenance

60 Month and up to 170,000 miles Stated Component coverage

Roadside Benefits


ENGINE COMPONENTS: Cylinder Block and Cylinder Heads; all internal Lubricated Partsof the Engine; Turbocharger; Supercharger; Harmonic Balancer; Timing Gear; Timing Chain; Timing Belt; Timing Cover; Intake and Exhaust Manifolds; Valve Covers; Oil Pan; Engine Mounts; Belt Tensioner; Cam Gear Bolt; Harmonic Balancer Bolt; and Head Bolts.

TRANSMISSION COMPONENTS: Transmission Case and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Transmission; Torque Converter; Flywheel/Flex Plate; Transmission Mounts; Transmission Cooler; Transmission Oil Pan; and Vacuum Modulator.

TRANSFER CASE COMPONENTS: Transfer Case and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Transfer Case.

DRIVE AXLE COMPONENTS: Drive Axle Housing and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Drive Axle; Drive Shafts; Universal Joints; Constant Velocity Joints; Locking Hubs; 4X4 Actuator; Center Support/Carrier Bearings; Differential Cover; Electronic Shift Control Unit.

AC/HEATING COMPONENTS (OEM or DEALER INSTALLED ONLY): Condenser; Compressor; Compressor Clutch; Evaporator; Compressor Pulley; Accumulator; Drier; Expansion Valve; Idler Pulley; Temperature Control Programmer; Heater Core; Blower Motor; High/Low Cut Off Switch; and Pressure Cycling Switch.

SUSPENSION COMPONENTS: Upper and Lower Control Arm Shafts; Bearings and Bushings; Wheel Bearings; Spindles; Ball Joints; King Pins and Bushings; Radius Arm and Bushings; Stabilizer Bar, Arm, and Bushings; Wheel Bearings; Torsion Bars; Hub Assembly; and Suspension Level Control Compressor.

STEERING COMPONENTS: Steering Gear Box/Rack and all internal Lubricated Parts of the Steering Gear Box/Rack; Power Steering Pump; Pitman Arm; Idler Arm; Tie Rod Ends; Drag Link; Steering Column Shaft and Column Couplings.

COOLING COMPONENTS: Water Pump; Radiator; Cooling Fan; Cooling Fan Motor; Fan Clutch; and Coolant Recovery Tank.

FUEL SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Fuel Delivery Pump; Fuel Injection Pump; Fuel Injectors; Fuel Tank, Metal Fuel Lines; Fuel Pressure Regulator; Fuel Sending Unit; Fuel Gauge; Air Control Valve; Electronic Fuel Injection Computer/Module and Sensors.

BRAKE COMPONENTS: Master Cylinder; Power Brake Cylinder; Vacuum Assist Booster; Calipers; Wheel Cylinders; Compensating Valve; ABS Accumulator, Pump, Motor, Reservoir; Wheel Speed Sensors; Hydraulic Lines And Fittings; and Parking Brake Actuator.

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: Alternator/Generator; Ignition Module; Ignition Switch; Headlight Switch; Turn Signal Switch; Horns; Distributor (does not include Cap and Rotor); Starter Motor; Starter Solenoid; Starter Drive; Windshield Wiper Motors; Windshield Wiper Delay Switch; Windshield Wiper Linkage; Windshield Washer Pump; Power Seat Motor; Power Antenna Motor; Power Window Motors and Regulators; Power Door Locks and Actuators; Power Trunk Release; Wiring Harness; Cruise Control Assembly; Ignition Lock Cylinder; Manually Operated Switches; Convertible Top Motor; Driver Information Gauges/Indicators; Original Factory Installed Radio, Main Speaker System, and Single Compact Disk/Cassette Player (up to a maximum aggregate of $300 of repair or replacement cost per Contract term).

SEALS AND GASKETS: Leaking seals and gaskets on any covered Components listed above will be covered.

HYBRID COMPONENTS: Hybrid Transaxle, Electronic Transmission, Inver

The information above is for reference only. Refer to the service contract for complete details.