Exclusionary Deluxe

Vehicles under 130,000 odometer miles : Exclusionary Coverage.
Vehicles over 130,000 odometer miles: Enhanced Powertrain

Exclusionary Coverage

This comprehensive Exclusionary coverage covers all of the necessary repairs to ALL of the mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle except those listed in the service contract under “What Is Not Covered”. This is the best coverage available !

Provides exclusionary coverage on the vehicle covering nearly every part on the vehicle with the exception of excluded items and normal wear and tear.

5 year 100,000 additional miles

24/7 Roadside Assistance with Continuation of Journey, towing, tire road hazard, and rental car

3 & 4-year 100,000 additional mile plans available

Trip Interruption Benefits including hotel and meal expenses

Pre-paid maintenance available

Optional Coverage – luxury electronics, commercial use, seals and gaskets, emissions package

Provides a complete solution for the customer who demands the best coverage for their vehicle at the most competitive price.

The information above is for reference only. Refer to the service contract for complete details.